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Varium helps companies leverage the power of the web, making it a seamless part of their business with smart web design, search engine techniques, data integration, dynamic content management and customized tools. We deliver results-focused customer experiences. 

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Brand Strategy, Web/Content Design

A cohesive, well-designed brand can differentiate your business from competitors and build trust with your audience. We offer brand identity, packaging and labels, user experience and content design — extending brand cohesion across consumer product and service touchpoints.


UX, Information Architecture, Navigation Schemas, Data Filtering

Together we will set the structural design of your information and manage content in a scalable way – always with an eye towards success and growth. This includes organizing and labeling items to ensure usability and findability, further supporting the user experience.We can help create the scaffolding your web presence needs to bring your content to life.

Marketing, SEO/SEM Metrics, Campaigns, Ads, Social Strategy

Marketing metrics are a quantifiable way to track performance and are an important measurement tool for gauging a campaign’s effectiveness.

We analyze this data from a variety of marketing channels to inform both your current campaigns and long-term strategy. Along with designing ads, landing pages and social visuals, we offer copywriting and copyediting services to maintain a consistent look and voice throughout.

Varium Data Services

Data Services, Cloud Architecting, Machine Learning

Data services are the programmatic work of retrieving data from a given platform. It gives IT more flexibility in how and where it stores data, making it easy to find and deliver data from anywhere. We help organizations to be more agile.

Our breadth of experience crosses platforms and systems including expertise in relational databases, NoSQL, object storage, document storage, and machine learning. Data is our passion.

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We've created hundreds of websites, tools and collateral.

Sarah Reker's experience spans creative direction, UX/UI design, content design, marketing and SEO — including projects in high technology, boutiques, food and wine and professional services.

Aaron Edwards is appointed to projects for his problem-solving skills and technology prowess. He's done it all — worked for Great Plains then Microsoft, venture funded start-up's and more recently a sought-after cloud dev architect.






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